Mom has had such a bad cough that for two nights she just coughed most of the night and i am praying Lord, how can i help her? I remembered that i had given my sister a bottle of SUPER THYRO [mom lives w/sister] so i gave mom two and in a matter of moments she stopped coughing. it was as though she’d never been coughing. So it works for coughing as well as thyroid. Thank you for the super work you are all doing.Ula Namelo, Customer

I was very sick after a kidney infection. The antibiotics were as bad as the infection. Thanks to the Chat service,Kaye, I got advise, followed, even though natural is slower, I recovered with out all the effects of medications. Today I take the LIVING GREEN ENERGY-good in juice & the SWEDISH BITTER TEA, man have I felt good & energy to boot-I’m in my 60’s. Proud I found out from a friend about HFH.Pat Montgomery, Customer

Last time I went to the doctor, I had blood work done and my cholesterol was too high. The doctor suggested medication, but I said I’d like to try it on my own. In February of 2009 I started taking CholesterX and my total cholesterol was 213 and my LDL (bad cholesterol) was 131. Just 2 months later, in April, I had my Cholesterol checked again and my total cholesterol was 197. It dropped 16 points! My LDL was 123 (down 8 points). I didn’t change anything except using the CHOLESTERX.E.H.

For weight loss, you can’t beat SLENDER and SUPER ACAI SLIM. I liked SLENDER by itself for it’s appetite-suppressing properties, but once I added the SUPER ACIA SLIM into my regime, I noticed even faster weight loss. I have tons of energy now to get everything at home and work done, and I even have the extra energy to work out when I get home! Thanks guys, this stuff is amazing!B.H.

My husband has been taking the PANCREAS SUPPORT and BITTER MELON for 2 weeks and his blood sugar has come down an average of 20 points. He just turned 81I.S.

I just got a sample of your Swedish Bitters soap last week and I’m writing to order 2 more bars. I love it! It doesn’t dry out my skin, and I love the way it feels after I shower with it. This stuff is amazing! Thank you!!S.J.

Though I have lived a very healthy lifestyle, in recent years my hectic schedule with a lack of adequate rest has kept me under a fair amount of stress, which in turn, lead to my contracting shingles. Shingles is very painful alone, but in addition I had a recurring pain in my hip and upper thigh that was so intense it would cause me to scream. The pain was almost more than I could stand and nothing brought relief from the itching, pain, and discomfort of the shingles. Once I could feel pain in my hip and thigh starting, there was absolutely NOTHING that would stop it. I ordered the Swedish Bitters Mud and as suggested by the folks at Hope for Health, I started to use it for my conditions. When I felt the recurring hip and thigh pain start to build I immediately applied a poultice of the SWEDISH BITTERS MUD and for the FIRST TIME EVER, the pain was stopped short! Nothing before this had ever been able to stop this surge of pain!L.B.

When the flu was going around my office, I started to feel like I was coming down with it. I always keep ULTRA FIGHTER on hand in case of emergencies, so I started taking it for 3 days. I never ended up getting sick and the symptoms that had started just went away! I love this stuff, it’s so effective and I don’t need a prescription!S.S.

Last time I placed an order, I received a CALENDULA CREAM sample. Two days after I received it, I burned myself accidentally and remembered the CALENDULA CREAM. I tried applying it and it cleared up so fast I had to call and order more. Now I’m even more excited to try your other products, because I know your stuff works!!B.A.

I was prescribed NSAID’s for arthritis and was told I would probably need them for the rest of my life. If I did not take my medication I was in constant pain, and if I did take it, it caused my blood pressure to elevate. I ordered JOINT SUPPORT and MSM, and taking the two of them together has taken all the pain away and returned my blood pressure to a normal range. I told my doctor about it and he actually ordered some for himself. These are wonderful products with amazing results.D.H.