Anamú & Plantain


Bottle size: 100 capsules

Adult suggested usage: 1-2 capsules, three times a day on an empty stomach (otherwise with food if not tolerated well).

Appoximate supply: 1633 days

Anamú & Plantain is a supplement that unites the valuable benefits of two plants sought after for their powerful alkalizing properties and their strong effect on the immune system. These two herbs combine to form an extra-potent blend that helps: regulate the production of white blood cells, increase the strength of the immune system, reduce the buildup of uric acid which can cause joint pain, aid in a variety of skin problems, reduce inflammation throughout the body, soothe the mucous membranes, reduce chest congestion, and improve oxygenation of the lungs!

  • Weight: 1.00 Ounce


Some of the many benefits of Anamú:

  • Anamú contains active ingredients such as tannins, polyphenols, and benzyl-2-hydroxyethyl-trisulfide, which serve as protectors of the body’s cells, making Anamú highly effective for many health problems.
  • Anamú helps dissolve the build-up of toxins and uric acid that is stored in the fluid that surrounds all cells; which if not removed regularly by the body, can produce an unhealthy internal environment that can lead to a variety of degenerative conditions.
  • Anamú also helps stimulate the production of interferon, an important factor in the protection and regeneration of cells, which inhibits damaging agents and prevents the growth and spread of unhealthy cells.
  • Anamú fights unhealthy cell growth, however, unlike some conventional health products, this herb has the unique ability to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy cells, violently attacking the unhealthy cells and abnormal tissues while leaving the healthy cells and tissues safe and unharmed.
  • Anamú offers a mild sedative action, making it a good soothing herb for stress, anxiety, and irritability. It also helps reduce muscle spasms and nervous tension.
  • Anamú acts as an antioxidant, reducing the free radical damage throughout the body that can cause your cells and tissues to “rust”.

    WARNING: Do not take if you are pregnant. Anamú can cause the uterus to contract, which could harm your unborn baby. This herb also has a mild blood thinning effect on the body. Individuals with blood disorders should consult their doctor before taking this herbal combination.

Some of the many benefits of Plantain:

  • Serving as a veritable laboratory, plantain produces a host of beneficial properties for our body as it contains mucilages, tannins, pectins, glycosides, catalpol, phenolic acids and the alkaloid noscapine (known for its cough-suppressing effects).
  • One of plantain’s most valuable therapeutic attributes is its anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an invaluable tool for joint problems that involve pain and inflammation.
  • Plantain seems to have a powerful influence over the body’s immune system, which aids in deterring infections.
  • The gum-like sap released by plantain cools and soothes the mucus membranes, providing comfort and pain relief, particularly for the respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems.
  • Plantain also serves the respiratory system in more than one way! As a powerful expectorant, it helps loosen and expel phlegm from the lungs, clear up chest congestion, and aid breathing. At the same time, it acts as an effective cough suppressant, reducing the pain caused by irritated and inflamed lung tissue.
  • As a natural diuretic, plantain increases urine flow, and its potent antiseptic properties make it effective against a variety of infections, particularly in the urinary, reproductive, and respiratory systems.
  • Plantain has been used for centuries to combat a variety of stomach and intestinal complaints. It soothes the entire digestive tract, while ridding the body of parasites, and calming inflamed stomach and intestinal tissues.

Fun Fact:
The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that plantain boasts a long reputation as an herbal pain reliever for the stings or bites of insects. Herbalist Steve Brill notes that simply snatching up a leaf, shredding or mashing it to release its juices and applying to the bite or sting provides astringent, healing action. This action also works well for poison ivy, notes the “New York Times” in its “Health” column. Dr. Christopher refers to plantain, along with jewelweed and hound’s tongue as ‘Nature’s Erasers’. “Stand anywhere within sight of poison ivy, and look about,” he said. “You will always see at least one of these plants, placed by the hand of God to come to your aid, if you should need it.”