Kidney Support – 100 capsules


Available Sizes: 100 capsules
Suggested Usage: Take 3 capsules daily on an empty stomach (otherwise with food if not tolerated well).
Approximate Supply: 30 days

Your kidneys are bean-shaped organs, each about the size of your fist. They are located near the middle of your back, just below the rib cage. Most of us have two of them and they are the most commonly transplanted organs. You may not think about them often but every day your kidneys are working hard for you! Now it is your chance to give them all the SUPPORT they need! 

  • Weight: 4.00 Ounces
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Your Kidneys: 

Make urine

Remove wastes and extra fluid from your blood

Help you make red blood cells

Keep your blood pressure in balance

Help keep your bones healthy

Control your body’s chemical balance

Why Do the Kidneys Need Support? 

If the kidneys are unable to do their job of filtering the blood from the waste products of food and tissues, these toxins build up and may destroy the healthy cells and tissues. As well as filtering the blood of waste products, the kidneys also release three important hormones. These hormones have very important functions. Erythropoietin stimulates the bone marrow to make red blood cells, rennin regulates the blood pressure and calcitriol helps maintain calcium. It is important to keep the kidneys as clean as possible for optimum function. Hope for Health’s Kidney Support may help you get this big job done!

Mucus can be a big problem for the kidneys as it can clog the filtering system. Mucus occurs because of a response to allergies and the ingestion of substances that are not beneficial to our bodies such as junk food, too much sugar, medications and food that is either too hot or too cold. There is good news however, if you have been abusing your kidneys in one of these ways – help is here!

Think of your kidneys like a pasta strainer or filter – you might say they are a sophisticated waste reprocessing machine. Your kidneys keep some things in your body that you need and gets rid of other things that you don’t. Some of the waste is the result of chemical reactions. Some is just stuff your body doesn’t need because it already has enough. The waste has to go somewhere! Keep this vital machine running smoothly with Kidney Support

Hope for Health’s Kidney Support Contains a 

Powerful Blend of Herbs: 

Uva Ursi – Is also known as bearberry because bears like eating the fruit. It contains a considerable amount of tannins (up to 40 percent) making it one of nature’s most powerful astringents! It may reduce swelling (inflammation), as well as strengthening and imparting tone to the urinary passages. This herb has been used since the 2nd century as a general tonic for weakened kidneys. Scientific research has found that Uva Ursi’s antimicrobial properties, which may help fight infection, and diuretic properties, are of great value in keeping the kidney free of problems.

Juniper Berries – A report from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, published in “Pharmacognosy Research” in 2010, found juniper berries possess impressive antioxidant effects and the ability to sweep up damaging free radicals, thereby offering substantial protection for the kidneys!

Marshmallow – The herb, not the white fluffy food – contains flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory properties. The flavonoids are able to reduce inflammation while the mucilage (like glue) holds them in place and prevents further damage. The mucilage remains unaltered until it reaches the colon, which is why marshmallow works well on most inflammatory digestive disorders.

Buchu – This soothing herb is a diuretic and is antimicrobial, which indicates its use in combination with other relevant herbs for many conditions affecting the urinary tract.

Cranberry – You may know that cranberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, but another amazing discovery was made in the early 1920s, by American scientists. Cranberries cause people to have more acid in their urine. Because bacteria cannot survive in an acidic environment, the researchers speculated that cranberries might help control/ eliminate infections of the urinary tract.

Horsetail – It is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, coagulant, demulcent (relieving inflammation or irritation), diuretic and astringent activity. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, a study shows that due to the diuretic activity of Horsetail, it has been shown to be beneficial for the elimination of uric acid kidney stones.

Nettle – Another effective diuretic, nettle helps inhibit most types of kidney stones as well as infections. By keeping water flowing through the kidneys and bladder, nettle may help keep crystals from forming into stones and washes bacteria away.

Blueberry Leaves – A study in the June 2009 issue of the “Journal of Medicinal Foods” shows that blueberry leaves control the activity of free radicals because the leaves have high antioxidant content. The study further reports that blueberry leaves may repair damage already done by free radicals. It can also slow the growth of unhealthy cells due to the antioxidant compounds blocking the metabolic pathways that lead to unhealthy cells.

Bromelain – It has admirable qualities including improving protein digestion and reducing inflammation. With countless studies about bromelain, the benefits of this anti-inflammatory enzyme are ever increasing and recognized now more than ever.

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