Beet Powder


Bottle size: 10 oz. powder

Suggested adult usage: 1-2 teaspoons twice daily. One teaspoon of powder provides the nutrition in one beet! Use to add flavor, color, and nutrition to any receipe.

Approximate supply: 30 days

Organic Beet Powder is a wonderful cleansing and nourishing tonic that builds the blood, particularly improving the blood quality for menstruating women. It also normalizes the pH balance of the blood (reducing acidity) and purifies the blood by flushing away fatty deposits and improving circulation. Further supporting its role as a blood purifier, Beet Powder has been used to detoxify and strengthen the liver and spleen.

  • Weight: 12.60 Ounces
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Optimal Nutrition
Our Organic Beet Powder provides a wide range of important vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. It is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, copper, phosphorous, sodium, iodine, boron, carbohydrates, protein, and both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Betalains, Betanin, Betaine and SAM-e
In addition to the variety of nutrients above, beet root is a unique source of phytonutrients called betalains which give beets their dark red color. Betanin and vulgaxanthin are the two best studied betalains (or pigments) from beets, and both have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti- inflammatory, and detoxification support.

Organic Beet Powder also contains another extremely valuable phytochemical called betaine which performs various functions in the body. Among other things, betaine helps the liver process fats (which prevents the accumulation of fatty tissues in the liver, especially in heavy drinkers), and also stimulates the production and preservation of the amino acid SAM-e, that is found naturally in the body. SAM-e is best known for boosting certain hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are responsible for the feelings of relaxation and well-being. Adding our Organic Beet Powder to your diet naturally increases the production of SAM-e in the body and may lead to reduced stress, anxiety, and worry. In addition, proper levels of SAM-e may also protect joints and reduce painful joint inflammation.

Beet Fiber
Beet fiber seems to be particularly health-promoting. Pectin, a soluble fiber in beets, binds toxins, heavy metals, and excess hormones that have been dumped into the gut from the liver. The toxins are passed out instead of being reabsorbed. In this way, it naturally cleans the kidneys and gall bladder.

Beet Powder and Bone Health
Magnesium is an important mineral in healthy bone production and maintenance. Without appropriate levels of magnesium, calcium cannot be utilized effectively. Our Organic Beet Powder is high in magnesium, making it a good vegetable for women concerned with bone health.

Some possible benefits of our Organic Beet Powder may include:

  • Purifying the blood
  • Cleansing the liver, spleen, and intestines
  • Normalizing the blood pH
  • Improving overall cardiovascular health (partially due to the naturally occurring Dimethylglycine in beet powder)
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Flushing the kidneys
  • Helping build healthy red blood cells

Did you know?
Beet Powder comes from the dried root and is contained in many food and non-food products you probably already eat! Spaghetti sauces, gravy mixes, salad dressings and dry coatings are just some of the ways that beet root powder enters our lives. As a rule, anything made with tomatoes has beet root powder.

My husband and I take one teaspoon of your Organic Beet Powder mixed in water after our rigorous workouts. This powder has everything that is essential to the body and we feel great. I cancelled our expensive liquid supplements after researching and applying herbal knowledge. The beet powder also works well in our vegetable drinks.

100% pure Organic Beet Root powder has a tendency to clump so it is not unusual to find some clumps in this powder.