Coral Calcium – 90 capsules


Bottle size: 90 capsules

Suggested adult usage: 2 capsules twice a day with food.

Approximate supply: 22 days

What Is Coral Calcium?
Simply, Coral Calcium is just calcium; however, it has an advantage over other types of calcium – marine Coral Calcium has a wide range and optimal mix of major and trace minerals. It actually contains every mineral, in similar proportion, found in the human body. This is vitally important because some trace minerals are entirely missing from our food supply and supplements, yet these minerals occur in the human body – and are necessary for vibrant health!

  • Weight: 3.70 Ounces
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Do I need Calcium?
Almost everyone knows that calcium is needed for healthy bones and teeth. But did you know that it’s also needed for healthy muscles, nerve function, and is by far the most abundant mineral in our bodies? To live and function with optimum health, every cell in your body requires a complex interaction of dozens of minerals. Calcium, in particular, is vital to almost every cell and every function: heart cells, brain cells, liver, kidney, and bone cells – all require calcium. If they have the appropriate level of calcium and minerals, they all function well, and you feel great! If not, pain, disease, and premature death occur.

Why Coral Calcium?
You know you need calcium. The problem is that minerals, especially calcium, can be very difficult to get into the bloodstream. No matter how much calcium you take, it won’t do any good if it doesn’t get into your blood. The calcium and 73 other minerals and elements found in coral are naturally “ionized” (nature’s smallest form, 1000 times smaller than colloidal) allowing for almost total ‘bio-availability’ and have the inherent ability to rapidly enter the blood stream. ‘Bio-availability’ means how much of the calcium you take actually becomes available to your body to use.

Coral Calcium Helps:

  • Provide you easily absorbed and usable calcium
  • Maintain stronger bones and healthier teeth
  • Increase muscle and joint mobility
  • Neutralize harmful acids that lead to disease
  • Cleanse the kidneys, intestines, and liver while breaking down heavy metals and drug residues in the body
  • Support mineral levels in the body, especially with regard to natural hormonal fluctuations

Bone Loss and Coral Calcium
Calcium and minerals are needed for every vital function of your body, from pumping your heart, to cell division, to DNA replication. If you’re not eating enough minerals to fuel these functions, your body steals it from your bones! It’s an automatic self-preservation mechanism. It saves your life – but results in osteoporosis!

Calcium and Weight Loss
A recent review of studies by the U.S. National Institutes of Health shows that one of the benefits of calcium may be weight loss. In these studies, those who were overweight tended to eat small amounts of calcium. Those who lost a lot of weight ate the most calcium. And people who ate lots of calcium lost the most fat in the mid body area. So if you’re trying to lose weight, consuming more calcium may help with your weight loss.

Coral Calcium & pH Balance
Resist health issues by alkalizing your body with Coral Calcium! Alkalizing simply means changing the pH of our bodily fluids – such as blood and saliva – from acidic to alkaline. Why is that important? When your body becomes acidic (low pH), a shortage of oxygen in your cells leads to disease and accelerated aging, because cells need oxygen to expel toxic waste. Foods such as sweets, red meat, and carbonated drinks also lower your pH, so a healthy diet goes a long way! Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will definitely help raise your pH level. But do you always eat fruits and vegetables? And do you get enough to make a difference? For most of us, probably not. To make – and keep – a balanced pH, the easiest and most effective method is to supplement your diet with high-purity absorbable coral. Coral is ideal for raising your pH because it contains ALL the body’s minerals, in similar proportion, in a highly bio-available ionized state.


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