Counsels on Speech and Song


Counsels on Speech and Song by Ellen G. White
Hardcover, 496 pages

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The Voice is a Great Power

Ellen White was one of America’s outstanding women preachers. Were it not for her abundant writings, she would no doubt be remembered today for her pulpit ministry. She spoke words in due season to widely diverse audiences. She counseled individuals and before microphones and public address systems were available, she spoke to large audiences of up to 20,000 people.

This volume shares Mrs. White’s counsels on the use of the voice in conversing, teaching, speaking, preaching, and singing.  The volume is divided into eight sections:

Section 1: A Gift From God
Section 2: Christ the Ideal Speaker
Section 3: Christian Attitudes in Speaking
Section 4: Voice Culture
Section 5: Effective Methods of Public Speaking
Section 6: Content of Our Discourses
Section 7: Examples of Effective Speakers
Section 8: Use of the Voice in Singing