Creator’s Masterpiece, The


The Creator’s Masterpiece by Vernon Sparks, M.D.
Paperback, 60 pages

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“Man is God’s workmanship, His masterpiece, created for a high and holy purpose.” – Sons and Daughters of God, 313

Dr. Sparks has created a easy-to-read concise description of human anatomy and physiology that is useful for the entire family. This book is interesting and practical as you tend to your family’s health needs, everyone should have a basic understanding as to how the body works.

Chapters Include:

1.  The Body as a Whole
2.  The Musculoskeletal System
3.  The Skin
4.  The Special Senses
5.  The Brain and Nerves
6.  The Reproductive System
7.  The Endocrine System
8.  The Respiratory System
9.  The Digestive System
10. The Cardiovascular System
11. The Urinary System
12. Appendix