Flash Point

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Apply enough heat to volatile, gaseous vapors, and they ignite with explosive power. Flashpoint! In the desperate struggle between good and evil, the flashpoint was reached two thousand years ago. The titanic explosion touched off by the birth of a baby in a Bethlehem stable broke forever the power of evil. The infant would mature into a man who would make such an impact on this world that all history would be marked be whether it preceded for followed His birth.
That man sent devils running and broke the power of death.
That Man bridged Heaven and Earth, for He was also God.
That Man is still alive-and He can radically change you.
That Man is still alive-and He knows you personally.
That Man is Jesus-your Saviour, and if you choose, your Lord, your constant Companion, and closest Friend.
This book is history-it is His story.
He’s beening looking for you all your life.
Realize it or not, you’ve also been looking for Him your whole life.
In this book, you’ll find each other.