Super Moringa – 60 Capsules


Bottle Size:
60 capsules

Approximate Supply:
30 days

Suggested Adult Usage:
• Take 1-2 capsules once or twice a day with food.

Moringa is a super-food to beat all super-foods! The amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and minerals it contains is everything your body needs and more! No other supplement is even remotely comparable! Scientific research proves that one serving of moringa provides you with seven times the amount of vitamin C in oranges, four times the vitamin A in carrots, 50 times more vitamin B3 than peanuts, 25 times more iron than spinach and three times the potassium found in bananas! It is also an EXCELLENT source of calcium and protein; Super Moringa truly is the ULTIMATE source of nutrition to get you energized for your day! 

  • Weight: 3.00 Ounces


Researchers have started to give Moringa nicknames such as: “The Miracle Tree” and “The Elixir of Long Life” due to its nearly miraculous abilities. 

Here are some of the many benefits that justify these nicknames: 

  • May increase the natural defenses of the body


  • Provides nourishment to the eyes and brain


  • Promotes a healthy metabolism


  • Promotes the cell structure of the body


  • Promotes natural serum cholesterol


  • May lower the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines


  • Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and kidneys


  • Beautifies the skin


  • Promotes energy


  • Promotes proper digestion


  • A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory


  • Super support for the immune system


  • Promotes healthy circulatory system


  • May give a feeling of general wellness, relieves stress, and improves mood


  • Supports and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels


 Calcium and Magnesium 

One serving of Super Moringa provides approximately 125 percent of our RDI of calcium and 61 percent of our RDI of magnesium. These two trace minerals work in synergy; while calcium is needed to build strong bones and teeth; we also need magnesium to help us absorb it. Since moringa contains generous quantities of both, it is especially good at guarding us from pain, inflammation, and bone loss.


This whole food plant contains high amounts of protein, all eight essential amino acids, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and a plethora of phytonutrients and other powerful antioxidants. According to analysis, the leaves of the moringa contain 46 types of antioxidants. One serving, in fact, contains 22 percent of our recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C, one of the most important antioxidants on earth, and a whopping 272 percent of our RDI of vitamin A. Antioxidants help to neutralize the devastating impact of free radicals, thereby guarding us from many of the degenerative conditions that affect so many people!

Excellent Source of Protein 

The leaves of the moringa tree contain 18 amino acids, eight of which are essential amino acids, making them a “complete” protein – a rarity in the plant world. Super Moringa is considered to have the highest protein ratio of any plant so far identified, with the protein in moringa being comparable in quality to that of soy. Food scientists once believed that only soy had protein comparable to meat, dairy, and eggs. Now they have added moringa to that very short list. Some even consider Super Moringa protein better than soy protein as it is non-allergic. Protein is, of course, needed to build muscle, cartilage, bones, skin, and blood, and is also needed to produce enzymes and hormones.


Super Moringa also contains four vital compounds your body requires for a healthy cardiovascular system: Niacin A1, A5, and vitamins B3 and B10. It also provides the nutrients necessary to support your body’s production of nitric oxide (important in protecting organs). These include magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, and vitamin E. When your nitric oxide levels are healthy, blood flows properly through your blood vessels.

Weight Loss 

This is what you have been waiting for, isn’t it? The truth is, this supplement helps you lose weight in more ways than one. First, it suppresses your appetite. Obviously if you are not hungry, you are not going to overeat. This is the rule of thumb anyway. Next, it increases your energy levels. The more energy you have, the more calories you will burn. Finally, since moringa helps improve your mood, you may be less likely to eat even when not hungry. Some emotional eaters will tell you they eat whether the urge is present or not. According to Dr. Monica G. Marcu, researcher and clinical pharmacologist, moringa is unique because it can supply daily a wide gamut of vital nutrients with few calories.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.