Flora Balance – 90 capsules


Bottle size: 90 capsules

Suggested adult usage: 1-2 capsules, 30-45 minutes before each meal. Best results are seen with continued used, as beneficial effects may take 4-6 weeks to appear.

Approximate supply: 15-30 days

Trillions of bacteria and other microbes live in the digestive tract. The entire population of these organisms is called the “intestinal flora”, and maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora promotes overall digestive tract and immune health. Flora Balance is a powerful enzyme and anti-fungal formula to support the detoxification of yeast overgrowth and promote a balanced intestinal environment. This special blend utilizes enzymes to help balance flora levels. It includes cellulase and hemicellulase to help digest cellulose; while amylase, invertase, glucoamylase and malt diastase help break down sugars and carbohydrates. Keep your body balanced and strong with Flora Balance!

  • Weight: 2.90 Ounces
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Customer Testimonial
“I just wanted to let you know: I am VERY HAPPY with Flora Balance! For years I’d been suffering from weakness, fatigue, bloating, and just overall “yuckiness”, but after just 3 weeks of taking Flora Balance, I am feeling much better! My energy level has increased and I don’t feel as bloated. Thank you so much!”

If you suffer from:
• Abdominal distention, bloating, or excessive gas
• Stomach aches or cramps
• Chronic heartburn
• Constipation or diarrhea
• Yeast infections or pain during urination
• Mood swings, agitation, or anxiety
• Memory loss or decreased concentration
• Weakness, dizziness, fatigue
• Unexplained weight gain or loss
• Frequent or recurrent viral infections
• Frequent headaches

Then you may be suffering from improper flora balance in your gut! Our Flora Balance is specially formulated to help populate your intestines with beneficial bacteria, helping you look and feel better than ever before!

FACT: Our intestines are home to thousands of billions of microorganisms. Normally, about 85-90% are called “friendly” bacteria, while the remainder, such as yeast and parasites are called “unfriendly.”

Flora Balance is a pure and natural probiotic blend that helps:

  • Improve digestion by breaking down food in the intestines
  • Assist in the elimination of toxins and absorption of nutrients
  • Build and maintain a healthy colon for better digestive health.
  • Stimulate the immune system to produce more antibodies that fight unhealthy cells.
  • Guard against unfriendly bacteria that cause illness and produce toxins that further infiltrate the body’s ecosystem.

The 10 immmune-boosting and flora-balancing herbs and enzymes in this formula include:

Cellulase – An enzyme that helps break down, destroy, and flush fungi from the body before it spreads and causes health problems.
Hemicellulase – An enzyme that breaks down and destroys fungi without stimulating it to release toxins into the body during the process.
Amylase – A digestive enzyme that aids digestion and helps the body break down starches, making them unavailable as “fuel” for fungal infections to thrive on.
Malt Diastase – An enzyme that is useful for digestive support and general nutritional support.
Glucoamylase – Prevents fungal (yeast) infections.
Invertase – Prevents and fights fungal (yeast) infections.
Pau D’Arco – A natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.
Biotin – Biotin limits the spread of candida albicans from the relatively harmless yeast form to the fungal form commonly referred to as systemic candida. Candida will usually become systemic within 6 months of beginning unchecked growth. In the fungal or systemic form it spreads via root-like mycelia to other organs of the body, often beginning with the liver, then other organs including lungs, heart and brain. Research done by Yamaguchi reported in the journal, Sabouraudia, demonstrated that optimal levels of biotin inhibited the fungal or systemic form of candida albicans.
Goldenseal Extract – Prevents and fights fungal and parasitic infections.
Grapefruit Seed Extract – Fights viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

What is Yeast Overgrowth?
Candida albicans is a microscopic yeast organism found in the human digestive tract. If yeast is allowed to grow out of control it may lead to fatigue, brain fog, sugar cravings, gas and bloating, recurrent vaginal infections or bladder infections, and more. Flora Balance is a powerful enzyme formula to support the detoxification of yeast overgrowth and promote a balanced intestinal environment. It was formulated to use during cleansing and afterwards for daily maintenance.

Helpful dietary changes while addressing yeast overgrowth:
• Avoid or reduce intake of sugar
• Avoid or reduce intake of refined carbohydrates
• Avoid foods that contain mold or yeast
• Avoid artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.