Graviola – 100 capsules


Bottle size: 100 capsules

Suggested adult usage: 1-2 capsules, three times a day on an empty stomach (otherwise with food if not tolerated well).

Approximate supply: 16-33 days

Often called “Miracle of the Rainforest”, the Graviola plant is adorned with green, heart-shaped fruit along with the seeds, bark, and leaves which provide the many, many healthy benefits. The fruit is known as soursop or pawpaw and its flavor has been described as “a combination of strawberry and pineapple with an underlying creamy flavor reminiscent of coconut or banana”. While the fruit may be delicious, the leaves are the most potent part of the plant – loaded with valuable nutrients and beneficial substances, which is why our formula contains 100% Graviola leaf powder!

  • Weight: 1.00 Ounces


Graviola has been used throughout the world for centuries!
Graviola is a rainforest plant that has been used in natural and traditional formulas for centuries in Central and South America and the Caribbean! It has an extremely wide range of beneficial properties, which are distributed throughout the different parts of the plant, with the most being found in the leaf.

Historically documented uses of Graviola include:
• In the Andean mountain ranges of Peru, the leaves are brewed to discharge mucus and soothe inflamed mucous membranes.
• To the east, in the Amazon region, the bark, leaves, and roots are used to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
• In Guyana, the leaf is taken as a heart tonic.
• In Brazil, the leaves are used as a liver tonic, cleanser, and rejuvenator.
• In the West Indies it is taken to help clear up lung problems, coughs, and colds.

This plant has a host of benefits!! In fact, Graviola:

  • Has been shown to be beneficial for the heart and the liver.
  • Is a powerful natural infection fighter.
  • Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure level.
  • Helps alleviate muscle and joint pain.
  • Assists the immune system in ridding or cleansing the body of abnormal cell/tissue growth.
  • Benefits the nervous system by calming the nerves, relieving stress, improving sleep quality, and improving the mood due to its ability to stimulate serotonin receptors.
  • Contains antioxidant properties that help fight the oxidative stress that can tax the immune system and weaken the body.

Recent Graviola History and Discovered Benefits
    In the U.S., the scientific studies of Graviola started in the 1940’s and they are still underway today. The results of the early studies have proved the plant’s antispasmodic properties (meaning that it can help prevent or relieve spasms or convulsions) and it’s cardio-tonic properties (meaning it helps balance the functioning of heart). Other studies of Graviola extract have shown it to have excellent germ-killing properties as well!
    But in 1976, when a plant screening program, initiated by a very prestigious institute, discovered the powerful action of Graviola leaves and stems in fighting unwanted cell growth, science and medicine took notice, and it began receiving much more attention. Additional research followed, and as a result, the scientists were able to isolate the set of chemicals in the plant which showed these effects. They are called annonaceous acetogenins.
    Now, this may not sound like anything special to you, but by slowing down certain processes that take place only in unhealthy cells, Graviola has the unique ability to be “selectively” toxic! These chemicals, acetogenins, only destroy unwanted/unhealthy cells, but do not harm healthy ones one bit!! This is nearly unheard of in medicine!
    You see, oftentimes scientists or chemists can come up with compounds that can kill bad cells (it’s easy to kill cells – think of all the various poisons), but the tough part is that generally, these chemicals can’t tell the difference between good and bad, and they end up taking many of the good cells with them as collateral damage! Often it is said that a patient died of the cure rather than the condition itself. Meaning the compound or product that was trying to help them actually killed them in the process because it killed so many healthy cells in the process!
    This effect was so notable, that in 1997 the researchers from Purdue University published a statement saying that acetogenins even had the ability to kill unhealthy cells that did not respond to traditional methods! You read that right! Graviola’s “annonaceous acetogenins” show positive results for combating unhealthy cell growth, even when their traditional counterparts have failed!
The future has never looked more promising! Research shows that extracts from Graviola leaves truly do appear to work “miraculously”! In a day and age where it seems our bodies are becoming more and more toxic; our cells are mutating, age rapidly, and die unexpectedly, there is hope! This small plant from the Amazonian rainforest is proving that while there may not be a “fountain of youth”, Graviola just may be the next best thing!

Fact: Studies have shown Graviola to be up to 10,000 times more effective at killing and removing unhealthy cells than it’s commonly used chemical counterpart.

WARNING: Do not take if you are pregnant. Graviola has demonstrated uterine stimulant activity in animal studies and therefore is not recommended for pregnant women. It could potentially cause the uterus to contract, which could harm your unborn baby.


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